Commercial Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Here at GCS Facilities Management, we provide all our customers with cost-effective carpet cleaning services for businesses of all sizes. We use eco-friendly products and equipment. We have industry-leading equipment to get the job done properly.

Our professionals can offer a tailored solution to remove stains, odours, and everyday grime. This will ensure a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing environment for staff, visitors and clients.

Our team cleans carpets and upholstery for schools, nurseries, offices, care homes, doctors’ surgeries, shops, health centres, offices, restaurants, and end-of-tenancies. We use different carpet cleaning methods, including steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

All carpet and upholstery cleaning services are tailored to your needs and maintenance plans. We can clean carpets out of hours to reduce any disruption. Our team can tackle jobs of all sizes.

Create a welcoming environment

Promote a healthier environment

Regular carpet cleaning will help you maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Carpets gather mould, dust, and pollution that can trigger allergies and other health concerns, such as asthma. We use powerful machinery that cleans deep into your carpets to remove all allergens and ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Maintain the right appearance

When clients and visitors walk into your property, one of the first things they will notice will be your carpets or floors. Dirty carpets may give the impression that your organisation does not value cleanliness, so by cleaning your carpets, you will improve the appearance of both your property and brand.

Reduce sickness

Although regular vacuuming can help, bacteria and germs deep in your carpets can cause sickness and staff to have days off. Commercial carpet cleaning will reduce allergens and dirt and help ensure a cleaner environment. A clean carpet may also boost the productivity of your staff because they will enjoy spending time in the environment.

Prolong your carpet’s lifespan

Our professional carpet cleaning uses the best tools and methods to thoroughly clean your carpets and remove stains and bad odours. Once the dirt has been removed, this will help to prolong the fabric construction and fibres. This ensures you protect your investment because cleaning your existing carpets is far more economical than replacing them.

Cost-effective stain removal

It is common for staff to spill food and drinks onto carpets. We have the right tools to remove all types of stubborn stains safely and effectively from commercial carpets. Our carpet cleaners are trained to the highest standards and can remove stains from tea, coffee, wine, food, and all other spills. Our industrial-level cleaning equipment ensures your carpets will be fully restored.

Easier to maintain

Whilst vacuuming carpets can help to keep them clean, a carpet that has been deep cleaned will be easier to maintain and look after. Our teams know how to restore carpets to their former glory quickly and efficiently, which can help save precious time and resources.

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