Education Cleaning Specialists

GCS Facilities Management provides facilities management for all educational establishments, including primary schools, secondary schools, nurseries, sixth-form colleges, universities, and student accommodation.

Our work can help to maintain a safe and secure environment for all pupils and students. This will make the environment conducive to learning and development. We will offer one point of contact for all your infrastructure and support and increased operational efficiency.

We will work with your institution to provide all planned and scheduled maintenance and reactive maintenance when needed.

Services we can provide

Our services are designed around your requirements and regulations. The School Premises (England) Regulations and the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations set a minimum standard that must be adhered to for a number of areas, including lighting, acoustics, outdoor spaces, toilet and washroom facilities, and other areas.

We know teachers and support staff have enough work to do, so our services are designed to ensure that your institution is compliant with all regulations.

Why Choose Us?

Safe & Secure

We can help to create a safe and secure environment for learning and ensure all facilities are managed by qualified professionals.

Efficient & flexible service

Our facilities management can be designed around your needs, so whether you need one service or integrated services, we will provide a solution.


Our sector-specific knowledge means that we can address the challenges of educational establishments of all descriptions.

Proud to have worked with a range of companies and local authorities