Specialist exterior surface cleaning

GCS Facilities Management specialises in all aspects of exterior cleaning, including all driveways, pathways, car parks, bin stores and building surfaces.

Our in-depth understanding and tried-and-tested processes mean that we can consistently deliver excellent results whilst never damaging the surface of the materials.

Our experienced team can offer a complete range of exterior cleaning at affordable prices, which is key to the performance and appearance of your property. We use innovative technology, including doff washing and soft washing, to clean all types of exteriors.

For high levels and areas that are hard to clean, our IPAF Certified team will always find solutions whilst never compromising on the standard of the clean.

We provide

Window cleaning in Surrey - GCS Facilities Management

Window Cleaning

Our commercial window cleaning services can clean both the interior and exterior of your windows using a Pure Water System, where purified water leaves a sparkling and crystal-clear finish.

Our window cleaning systems will remove all organic pollutants, including algae, lichen, and other grime, ensuring that no hard water stains remain. Where possible, we use high-reach telescopic poles, which can safely clean windows from the ground.

Gutter Cleaning in Surrey - GCS Facilities Management

Gutter Cleaning

We use state-of-the-art JetVac guttering cleaners to clear your gutters of all wet and dry debris and stubborn blockages. These vacuums can also collect video footage so that we can identify the cause of any issues.

Our efficient gutter cleaning will reduce the risk of costly damage resulting from blocked gutters and downpipes, protect your insurance and prolong the life of your gutters systems.

Jetwashing in Surrey - GCS Facilities Management

Jet washing driveways & car parks

We can jet wash all types of hard exterior surfaces, including driveways, patios, pathways, car parks, forecourts, and more.

Our industrial-strength pressure washers will deliver powerful cleans and freshen up any outdoor space, blasting away all grime and dirt. Our specialist commercial jet washing can be completed with minimal disruption to your business.

Softwashing in Surrey - GCS Facilities Management

Soft washing for exteriors

Alongside powerful jet washing, GCS Facilities Management provides specialist doff cleaning and soft washing cleaning services. This uses water heated at high temperatures and low pressure or specialist chemicals to provide an outstanding clean.

Our technicians can analyse the surface material and apply the best cleaning methods. Soft washing is ideal for cladding, brick and stonework, roofs, render, factories, industrial units and other exterior surfaces.

Bin Store Cleaning in Surrey - GCS Facilities Management

Bin store cleaning

We can provide bin, chute and bin store cleaning to create a cleaner and safer environment. This will prevent the spread of diseases, such as E-coli and salmonella and stop pest infestations and foul odours.

In addition, we can clean bins and bin areas used for clinical or hazardous waste.

Graffiti Removals in Surrey - GCS Facilities Management

Graffiti removals

Graffiti will not only damage the exterior of your property but will create a bad impression. It is essential to remove graffiti quickly before the area becomes a target for criminals.

Our graffiti removal specialists use specialist and environmentally friendly cleaning products to achieve excellent results. We can also offer advice about graffiti protection using sacrificial coatings.

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