Front of house and security staff

GCS Facilities Management offers our clients a range of services to ensure the seamless operation of their businesses. Through our many years of experience working with a diverse range of clients, we can provide personnel that act like an extension of your business and provide professional services.

Our carefully selected team of personnel bring many years of experience and knowledge. We can take care of all jobs, including opening and locking up, visitor passes, CCTV monitoring, access control, deliveries, sorting post, concierge duties, and more.

We specialise in several sectors, including commercial, hospitality, and healthcare, and we have a unique insight into the needs of our clients in these areas. As a result, we guarantee an excellent experience when you work with us.

What can we provide?

Reception staff

The reception or front-of-house staff at your organisation will be the face of your organisation and promote your brand and identity. We can provide front-of-house, reception and concierge staff that always perform to the highest standards and will seamlessly blend in with your business.

They can cover many jobs, including sorting mail and documents and answering phones or visitor queries. Our team always uses best practice processes to ensure excellent service.

Security staff

Our security staff are trained to the highest standards, and we can offer a range of security services designed to meet your needs.

This may include mobile patrol security to protect people and assets around the clock, manned guarding and site protection, keyholding and alarm response, or security officers trained to respond in certain situations.


Do you require portering services? Portering can be essential to the smooth running of many facilities, and porters are often visitors’ first point of contact with your organisation.

We can provide professional porters who can positively interact with public members and help tie together other parts of the business, such as security, cleaning, and maintenance.

End-to-end services

Our facilities management services are designed to meet all your facilities’ needs. With one-stop access to everything you require, from cleaning and waste management to staffing, GCS Facilities Management can offer you cost savings, fast serviced deployment, best practice systems, and the latest technology and equipment.

We communicate clearly with our clients, so they know what to expect every step of the way and can deliver clear goals and bespoke service. From the seamless flow of recurring maintenance and cleaning services to emergency and technical requirements, we always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. In addition, we aim to offer a combined service that delivers complete peace of mind.

Proud to have worked with a range of companies and local authorities